our story

Neals Creek’s first house of worship was erected in 1803 about three fourths of a mile northeast of the present church building and was built of logs.  John Vandiver, the great grandfather of  D.S. and E. P. Vandiver, donated the land on which the church was built.  The seats in the first log building were made of split logs, the split side being made smooth with a “drawing knife”…at tool with a blade 2 inches wide and 12 to 14 inches long with a handle on each end.  Two medium sized logs were laid on the ground 12 feet apart and the seats were placed across them.  Notches were cut in the logs to keep the seats from turning over.  The floor was also made of split logs fitted together.  This building was used some 16 years.

The second church building was also made of logs.  It was erected in 1819 on the north side of what is now the graveyard where Uncle Bobby King is buried.  He was Neals Creek’s second pastor – attracting large and increasing congregations that the second building was inadequate to accommodate.  To meet the emergency the building was sold to the highest bidder and was removed.

With the proceeds from the sale and together with other contributions, a new and much larger building was soon erected on the same site – this one being a frame building and well finished.

By the year 1870 the frame building in which the people had been worshiping for 43 years was now in a dilapidated condition.  The members, under the leadership of pastor W. H. King, resolved to erect a new and better building.  It was built of home made brick and was completed in July 1871 except for the floor.  For two years the building had a dirt floor.  In the summer of 1873 the church voted to put in a wooden floor.

In early 1939 the church voted to build much needed Sunday School rooms.  When the Sunday School rooms were completed they were paid for and some money was left over.  Work continued and the church was remodeled included bricking the outside of the building.  Later a baptistery and choir loft were added.

On November 18, 1962 the members voted to build an educational building that was completed in June of the next year. The present sanctuary was completed and occupied on April 1, 1985.